Ho Chi Minh

Now I love South East Asia with a passion and in my early twenties I spent almost two months backpacking Thailand, I was captivated by Indonesia, and was totally crazy for Kula Lumpur and the digged the sophistication of Singapore… but my recent trip to Vietnam’s famed Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) just never grabbed me… Granted I was only there a couple days but it should not have mattered…. Ok let me explain…. I need more in your face more options… more problems!!!! Here are my top 7 grips
1. Way to clean
2. Little in the way of street food.
3. Not enough dedicated small eateries for PHO
4. No dirty begging children/ or no one period for the matter
5. No stray dogs
6. Really depressing knock-offs of name brand shit.
7. The city shuts down at 10 P.M really!!
Over all the experience was delightful, but didn’t provide me with the adventure I was looking for… what the city does have is incredible amounts of history, and if I was a war buff I would have soaked it all in, but I am not, so I didn't.
The collage you are about to see is a day in Ho Chi Minh city street photography style!!
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